As a child enters the First Steps system there are bound to be many questions and concerns.  The Intake and/or Service Coordinator will be there to answer questions, provide information and to ensure that resources and supports are available to each family.


There are many life changes and events that can happen while children are in the First Steps system that would bring about transition.  Whether it is a new addition to a family, hospitalization or direct changes to an IFSP provider or service, the Service Coordinator is available to assist families. 


Possibly the most challenging transition of all is when a child is no longer eligible, in need of services, or reaches their third birthday.  This is when the Service Coordinator will assist the family in looking at different options that may be available to their child and family.  Other resources that may be discussed, but not limited to, would be Head Start, child-care centers, private preschools, private therapy providers or other community programs.   


To try and ensure that transition happens smoothly for each child leaving the First Steps system and entering into the public school system and/or Head Start, First Steps has Memorandum of Agreements (MOA) with these individuals.  The agreements are used as a guide to assist in the identification of roles and responsibilities of each party involved.  The MOA's are revised and updated annually.  
Contact Lists and Memorandum of Agreements:

 Local Education Agencies (LEA) for Cluster F

 Local Education Agencies (LEA) for Cluster I

 Head Start Contacts for Cluster F

 Head Start Contacts for Cluster I

 Cluster I LEA Memorandum of Agreements

 Cluster I Head Start Memorandum of Agreements